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Golden Goggles and vampires.

Here are the winners, I guess.

I was freezing for two hours waiting for a ride while this all happened so yeah.

Breakout Performer of the Year
Coach of the Year
Perseverance Award
Relay Performance of the Year
Female Performance of the Year
Male Performance of the Year
Male Athlete of the Year
Female Athlete of the Year

 Natalie Coughlin, yay!

So, I finished the Twilight series and I must say I was completely horrified by the last book. Just stop reading if you don’t want to know.

First of all, I NEVER want to be pregnant. ever. I don’t care if normal babies don’t crack spines and ribs and make you throw up all the blood you had to drink. I just don’t even want any creature inside of me. Ew, and it had to be delivered via Edward tearing away at her uterus. Tearing away with his teeth, which provided some lovely imagery. And who would have thought vampires could knock up humans.

Also, it just moved so quickly. In the first book she was a junior in high school, then all of a sudden she’s married, popping out a demon child, and gets turned into a vampire. And through the whole thing she is acting like a 40 year old. And then it made me sad thinking about my life. I’m just not prepared for marriage let alone children. I shudder at the idea. Just too much for me to handle.

And I was also depressed by this weird “love” thing going on. It basically made it seem like “Hey, whoever you fall in love with isn’t going to be half as good as this love so that’s too damn bad for you because vampires don’t exist.”  … Maybe I’m just overreacting, but really, must she make it sooo suicidal sounding? What an unhealthy relationship, but its still going “hey this is the best thing in the world. Go find someone you want to go jump off a cliff for.”

So melodramatic. Quite an unhealthy read for teen girls.


Its already getting bad reviews, and I could not be less surprised or more excited. I’m seeing on Sunday and will completely enjoy every shallow word spoken by those lost, lost souls. A dark room with a big screen and Rob’s face. Life will be perfect. I kind of feel bad for him because he seems like he really wants to be a serious actor. Hopefully he gets some substantial movies coming his way. Poor things is surrounded by delusional girls who are crying at his feet. God, I would be so embarrassed if I just started to cry in front of him. I’m not going to lie, there would be a good chance I might, but I would definitely make fun of myself later. I would probably just stare like I did at the So You Think You Can Dance tour. Its horrible how I couldn’t even get a “Hi” out to Pasha or Neil. Just stared. They aren’t even famous. Maybe I would cry, then.


well hey there.

You know what is really weird? Right when I typed the title of this post (about a picture of Michael Phelps) a commercial with Michael Phelps came on! Crazy

He has really been whoring himself out.


Anyway! I found this picture (why haven’t I seen it before?) and Phelps looks suprisingly good so I will share.

This works.
This works well for him.

Doesn’t he look good? Really good.

Oh and to add to your collection of our favorite Olympic bromance–

ryan lochte and michael phelps

And here are some things I stole from people on xanga and livejournal for you, kids. They said no hotlinking… I think I hotlinked.

Michael&Ryanryanlochte7ryan lochte

ryan lochte

yes he did.




and while I am randoming searching through pages of things

ew, Sandeno

very similar tattoo! Its Adam Sioui and I have no clue who that is, but he went to UF too. I guess its a UF thing.




Good lord I need a LIFE!

We can get our swimmer fixes in 2009!

Weren’t you all worried you would not be able to see our favorite swimmer’s and their torsos for another four years (and a swimmer I know even said Eamon might not be there!)?

Well, we have something to get us through.

I guess this is old news (like… month old news) but NBC will be broadcasting the swimming world championships until the next summer Olympics. This is probably because NBC wants to milk Michael for all he’s worth. They obviously would not have picked this up without the Phelps.

Now we will get our swimming fixes without having to have multiple interuptions for gymnastics.

 And for all of those airplane commercials with Michael Phelps…

This one I posted a little while ago on Perez. Highlight would be the torso.

Then we have this one. Phelps sings Don’t Stop Believin’ very strangely.

And then the prank one, with adorable smile.

I would also like to know why Ryan Lochte isn’t doing any talk shows.

pictures, pictures, pictures.

Well, not that many.

awkward suit, Lochte. Pretty sure this was at fashion week.

Ryan, you were just too adorable at the NYSE.

And Jason Lezak on Coooonan Oooo’Brieeeen! He has a really good personality, actually. I wish he was my uncle. And he admits that the French and US swimmers really didn’t like each other outside the Watercube either. Well, he just says that they aren’t friends, but I bet there were many a dirty looks in the Olympic Village.

Conan tends to be really awkward with his guests, but I think this one was really good.\


Edit: I’ve just been told Lochte was golfing in Ocala today. I’ve been watching the news so I don’t know how I missed that update, but just in case you have been avidly stalking him I wanted to give you a heads up.

quick video.

Maybe updating this later. Have so much to do tonight.

Lochte, Phelps, Coughlin at NYSE. Coughlin sounds very out of it, poor thing. She’s still pretty, though. They must be so tired.

Oh, I’ll post some Perez Olympic swimmers updates later… or you can just go read it for yourself. Phelps has a new commercial (which involves a little torso, Michael looks adorable) and Brendan Hanson got his gold stolen! Sad.


Edit: added a hyperlink to Michael’s commercial. To bad he couldn’t be as adorable on SNL.


Hey! Miley Cyrus is dating a 20 year old?? Yeah she is still 15. Miley pretty much sucks at keeping a squeaky clean image. I don’t even know why I bother to blog about her, honestly. And I totally agree with this post secret card–

Lochte and the Stock Exchange

Two things you never thought would go together.

Well, someone sent me some link about Lochte at the Stock Exchange, but their comment was marked as spam and I accidently deleted it. (So thank you to whoever sent me the info.)

I googled it, and a few days ago Lochte, Phelps, and my favorite female American swimmer Natalie Coughlin got to ring the Opening Bell.

If you want to see a picture click here.


Andddd tomorrow is SNL, right? With Michael? Let’s hope that goes well, and Lil’Wayne doesn’t refuse to get his bag checked Fashion Rocks style.

Swimmer videos and Lochte quote.

They’re my favorite people :]

Aw, scrunchy face. But Kaitlin Sandeno? Um, I think you can shoot a little higher now (or lower… we’re getting married remember?). And she has a total witch laugh. 

Wtf did Eamon say? The Teek? You’d think someone would pick Aquaman. Hahaha, “Superhe… Bananaman!” That’s what I’m being for Halloween this year, let me tell you.

Bitch! I want to be Michael’s brother! Just kidding Katie, you seem like a nice girl, just a bit of an Olympics let-down.

 Oh and this was posted a little while ago. Ryan and Michael like to discuss girls. Judging by Ryan’s Olympic crush and Michael’s strippers, they’re probably cheepy looking. Its ok. You guys can talk about me.


With his mom and sisters cheering him on, Michael once again crushed the field, this time in the 200m individual medley. The victory was made even sweeter as his teammate and good friend, the very laid-back Ryan Lochte, brought home the bronze.

“You guys were walking off together, you guys were laughing,” Billy asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh I mean, we can talk about anything” Ryan said. “Most likely, it’s some girl that we saw. ”

“You guys pop out of the water and you said, “Did you see the blonde in the second row, she was phenomenal?”

“That’s, like, what we basically say to each other, just, it gets our mind off everything, swimming, everything. We just talk about girls.”


And Gossip Girl was too boring, yet confusing for me last night, so I cheered myself up with Oprah again (yeah, I watched it twice…) Nate needs to leave the Botox hooker and get back to Vanessa. What a douche.